1) Per hiring managers, over 80% of individual hired lacked soft skills. Also 80 percent of a person's salary increase will be determined by their EQ or emotional intelligence.

2) HR managers stated that lack of soft skills was the reason for firing over 85% of the time.

While technical skills were the main cause on 15% of the time.

Workplace Readiness

Workplace Readiness Tip

Workplace Readiness Development Sessions

Workplace Readiness Development Sessions


  • Here are 3 tips to remember about attitude:
  • 1) You control, not others or situations, how you react to events that happen in your life.  Outside forces will attempt to alter your desired outcome. Keep your attitude positive and balanced to increase your chances for success.
  • 2) Start each day reaffirming your commitment to having the right attitude for the day. Keep control of your positive spirit in spite of the challenges of the day. Your bad day can turn on a dime based on your mindset and outlook. Stay in the positive.
  • 3) Negative energy and a productive workplace do not mix. You will need all your positive energy to deal with the day-to-day opportunities presented to you. Also, avoid people with negative attitudes or those who drain your energy source. Work hard not to waste time, energy and brainpower on non-essentials that do not enhance your company’s chances for growth.
  • Takeaway: Take charge of your attitude each day. Own it, control it and improve it to ensure positive outcomes.

Step Up Your GAME: Attitude

Workplace Readiness Development Sessions

Workplace Readiness Development Sessions

Workplace Readiness Development Sessions


4 Pillars of Workplace Readiness Initiative

Participants will know, understand, and practice content from the following four areas


1) EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE-Managing Emotions and Relationships

a) Self-awareness

b) Empathy

c) Communication

d) Core Values

e) Soft Skills

2) STEPPING UP YOUR GAME-Understanding and Growing Your Career

a) Your Passion

b) Your Company

c) Your Brand

d) Your Professional Presence

e) Your Sales Skills

3) TEAM ENHANCEMENT-Discovering the Value of being a Team Player

a) Your Team

b) The “I” in Team

c) The 7 Principles of a High Performing Team

4) SERVANT LEADERSHIP-Serving your Community

a) Being a Valuable Citizen

b) Being a Game Changer

c) Making an Impact


Workplace Readiness Development Sessions



  “The Workplace Readiness Forum Saturday afternoon was incredible.  We commend you for your foresight, energy, and commitment.”  Broderick Nichols Senior Administrator from Shorter College in North Little Rock   

  “I attended the Game Changer event this previous Saturday in Little Rock and had a GREAT time. I wanted to thank you for instilling a lot of great knowledge into me and I'm very sure that it will benefit me in the future. Many of my friends at school couldn't go to the event but I wanted you guys to come to us and instill the knowledge that was instilled in me.”   Wilford Hampton –student at Lisa Academy in Little Rock  


“Thank you so very much for taking the time to help me add professional and financial responsibility tools to me and my high schoolers careers! Enjoyed the speakers and activities! Awesome, Awesome Workshop!”

“The facilitators were very enjoyable and knowledgeable”

“This was a great learning and informative session. I brought my son but I, the parent, learned new concepts”

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