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Sixty for Sidney’s Sixtieth!

Moncrief’s Milestone Birthday a Vehicle to Raise Funds to Support Game-Changing Experiences for Youth

Sidney Moncrief has had a lasting impact in many areas of his life and career. His path is paved with numerous successes. He was a five-time All-Star in the NBA, a board member for a Fortune 500 company, and he served as president for various auto dealerships.

As he continues to travel down his winding path, now approaching his 60th birthday, Moncreif says he is focused on making an impact in the lives of young people as they prepare to begin their own paths in life. As he establishes the Moncrief Institute for College and Career Readiness in Little Rock, he is using his birthday celebration to raise funds for this endeavor.

60 for 60 Campaign

In honor of Moncrief's birthday, you can donate $60 to help champion his cause — as well as commemorate a milestone celebration in his life. Proceeds will support the Institute for College and Career Readiness. You can make an online donation here.

The Institute is dedicated to teaching “soft skills such as communication abilities, language skills, personal habits, cognitive of emotional empathy, sales ability, agility, humility, teamwork, and leadership traits,” according to a brochure for the effort.

“We feel that one thing that is missing (in the workforce) from adults and our young people is the ability to do some of the things outside of the hard skills,” says Moncrief. “How well do you sell yourself? How well are you branding yourself?”

Students will have the opportunity to attend four workshops: 1) Career Readiness Institute, 2) Entrepreneur Camps, 3) Leadership Boot Camps, and 4) Workforce Readiness Classes.

One college student who attended a workshop said the course helped prepare him for the workforce. “It’s basically teaching us … how to interact with the corporate world, and also on a global standpoint, what we need to do and … what materials we need to pursue the career that we are trying to get.”

Sidney’s Celebrations

A summary of the weekend celebrations, including fundraising activities for the Institute, are as follows:

Sidney’s 60th Birthday Bash on Friday, September 22 at 6 p.m., "A Night in Napa with The Triplets & Friends.” There will be a toast, live music, and a silent auction fundraiser. Moncrief will be joined by the other members of The Triplets, Ron Brewer and Marvin Delph.

A Kick-off Forum on Saturday, September 23 at noon until 2 p.m., with a public announcement to officially launch the Institute and showcase students.

Moncrief Elite Shooting Clinic honoring “Game Changer” coaches on Saturday, September 23, 4-6 p.m. Four basketball coaches who have changed the lives of so many student athletes—Oliver Elders, Eddie Boone, Johnny Greenwood and Charles Ripley—will be honored.

For more information on Sidney's Sixtieth Birthday Gala, or to purchase tickets, click here.