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Nonprofit ‘changing the game’ for young people in Little Rock

What is a Game Changer? We’ve all probably heard the term at one point or another, but what does it mean. Well, Random House Dictionary defines it this way: “a person or thing that dramatically changes the course, strategy, character, etc., of something.”

By that definition, former Razorback and Milwaukee Bucks star, Sidney Moncrief was most definitely a “game changer” throughout his basketball career.

But now Moncrief is more interested in being a different kind of Game Changer through the Moncrief Institute for College and Career Readiness. This new career readiness and professional development institute is working to change the course of young lives as they prepare to enter the workforce and start their careers.

“Even being a political major, I’m learning a lot more here than I’ve actually learned in any political classes I’ve taken at school,” said one college student who participated in a workshop with Moncrief. 

Focused on students and young adults, the Moncrief Institute is uniquely dedicated to developing professional skills to achieve career readiness in leadership, entrepreneurship, sales and customer service development. Moncrief and his wife, Takisha, have deeply rooted their company and nonprofit, in “game changing” skills.

“We have long dreamed to launch this institute in my hometown of Little Rock,” said Moncrief. “My desire is to be a Game Changer in the lives of others through cutting edge professional development. We will be uniquely dedicated to developing soft skills necessary for success in today’s competitive environment.”