"We are One" diversity and inclusion for students

Check out this great video about our "We Are One" Initiative

Testimonials from participants in our sessions

Diversity should be continuous.  Everyone is equal and should be treated equally.  It doesn’t matter what race, sex, color, etc.  You are you and no one can take that from you.  

I really enjoyed this session.  I liked being around people that are so different but very much alike.  I wish I could do this again and network with even more people.

Today was inspiring and fun.  Seeing so many diverse people and meeting and working together was awesome.  The room was full of fun and laughs and smiles the whole time

Our Diversity and inclusion summer retreat on june 7-8 in Little Rock


Join Us for our summer retreat

Moncrief Game Changer "We Are One" Diversity and Inclusion Retreat

Our Diversity and Inclusion "We Are One" retreat is scheduled for June 7th and 8th in Little Rock, AR at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center.

 Housing and food will be provided for participants at no cost.

There will be only 50 spaces available.

Registration opens on Monday, May 6th on Eventbrite. Search Sidney Moncrief or Game Changer We are One retreat on eventbrite for Little Rock.