diversity and inclusion


Our Desired Outcome


1) Increase diversity and inclusion awareness throughout the state among 8th and 9th grade students

2) Develop relationship building for a select group of students throughout the state to enhance diversity and inclusion within the state

3) Raise awareness of being the best version of you when engaging with others 

Our Aim


We will create multiple real-life diversity and inclusion situations for students to find a solution

Using the following:

· Empathy

· Self- Awareness

· Social Skills or soft skills (communication, work ethic, flexibility, teamwork, conflict resolution, critical thinking, sales skills)

· Discipline/Motivation

· Self- Regulation

· Teamwork

· Your Health and Wellness

· Your Brand

· Your Core Values

· Your Smile

Our Demographics


Grades 8th – 9th

9 regions with up to 60 students per region 

Public- Charter-Private-Church schools.

Diversity and Inclusion in the following:

· Race

· Gender

· Social Economic

· Religion

· 1st Generation student

Our Sustainability


Development model based on Emotional Intelligence,

Critical Thinking with Project based learning engagement

Pre-and post-assessments for students

Three-year commitment from students

contact us at 214-500-0100